Meta Cricket League (MCL) is one of the world's first Web3 NFT game for all the cricket enthusiasts, perky gamers and NFT aspirants. It has been created to simulate the hyper excitement of real-world cricketing in the Metaverse.

Like any game, MCL is designed to be an intensely immersive, intellectually intriguing, creatively progressive, and entertainingly emotive game - with the community being at the center of its approach.

We believe that for a Game to succeed, it not only has to be interesting to play but it also has to spark an interest in the gamer that is deep within them.

Our game philosophy endeavors to insightfully embed in MCL's three main factors: Engaging Entertainment, Inclusive Game Skills, and Community Economics.

We will achieve each of these three foundations as we progress in our evolution of MCL Game, its developments and community creation via collective participation.

Our developers, game designers, and artists are constantly keen on enhancing the core pieces of game mechanics, graphics, speed, playability, asset classes, reward algorithms, and much more, unfolding over the next 18 months, resulting in integral entertainment and engagement for gamers while allowing inclusive skill sets to migrate from casual to professional participation.

Our token launch (coming soon - market permitting) will bring in a new dimension under community economics for the community - comprising our players, the traders and the collectors.

The history of the last decade showcases that the traditional Web 1.0 world, did not expect YouTubing or blogging to be a serious profession. The economic experts also did not predict the digital shift in Web 2.0 that these platforms would turn out to be a huge breadwinner for creators, gamers, content heads, educators, students, and subject matter experts of any age. It has today become a major source of income and livelihood for all participants of any age globally.

In the same spirit, we believe Web 3.0 - NFT Gaming and Metaverse will define the next decade and create yet another shift in the digital economics at its core, impacting all countries, any ages of all gender and just all around.

No doubt, that we are at the forefront of this transformation in India and together will bring the awareness, foundation, tools, and games to enable this new Web 3.0 revolution to lead the world-changing innovation.

Simply put, we were born in the Web 3.0 era. We have grown up as gamers. We were educated as computer engineers and designers. We, as innovators, are called to live the next 10 years doing something that can change the digital world, leading with the NFT revolution in the land of cricket.

Let’s jointly build a space, as fellow gamers, purely to have fun and earn out of it. MCL is our first step... with several more to be coming each year ahead.

Our vision is simple β€œFor, by, and with Gaming Community - To Build, To Play, To Earn.”

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