1. How many games can I play in a day?

During the initial beta, users can play the game for 2 hours. In the latter phases of the game, this time limit will be extended.

2. How will I be matched against my opponent?

For matchmaking, MCL will use parameters like 1) MMR, 2) Team Strength, and 3) Account Level. To learn more, click here.

3. What happens to my match if I disconnect or get a phone call in between?

In case of any disruptions during gameplay, you have a 5-second window to reconnect. If you are unable to reconnect, you will lose the match, and your opponent will be declared the winner. To learn more, read here.

4. How many winners will be declared on the leaderboards?

Every day, top x% of players will be declared winners and rewarded proportionally to their standings. For more details, read here.

5. How to change my fielding formation?

In the initial beta, you will not be able to change the formation of your fielders. However, this is subject to change in the later phases of the game.

6. Will my cricketers wear the same jersey as their NFTs?

YES, the cricketers will wear the same jersey as their NFT. In the case of fielders, they will wear the jersey of the bowler bowling that over.

7. Will I be able to stream my matches?

NO, you will not be able to stream matches in the initial beta launch as this feature is under development. Please refer to the Upcoming Features section for more details.

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