Meta Cricket League

Happenstance (Coming Soon)

How many times have we witnessed a brilliant wicket-taking yorker being overstepped by the bowler? Or a simple catch being dropped off a stunning delivery?
We cannot deny how the presence of these inexplicable factors changes the outcome of the game.
The Happenstance element brings these elements of uncertainty into the game, just like the real game of cricket.
Player Category*
Base Happenstance Value*
  1. 1.
    BHV: Base Happenstance Value
  2. 2.
    ΣAlloted EP: Cumulative Allotted Element Points
  3. 3.
    Max CH Value: Maximum Category Happenstance Value
How to increase the Happenstance Element?
A users holds 1 Epic NFT with 29 as the base happenstance value. When this user levels up, he gets 9 element points. The user decides to allocate 6 of these 9 element points to happenstance element. Then the new happenstance value after the level-up points will be 29 + 6= 35.


For Batsmen

  • Higher possibility of no-balls being bowled
  • Higher possibility of dropped catches
  • Greater chance of hitting a reward board

For Bowler

  • Reduced chances of no-balls
  • Enhanced wicket-taking probability
  • Improved control against special bats

Other General Advantages

  • Greater chances of getting activation codes for special tournaments
  • Higher chances of getting express upgrades
  • Sponsored coupons

Express Upgrades

Users will be able to get express upgrades if the happenstance elements for their NFTs is high.
Getting express upgrades in the MCL game puts the users in a competitive position as the upgrades are highly relevant to the NFTs that they hold in their inventory
The express upgrades are issued in the kitboxes along with the normal upgrades that the users receive after each win.
Disclaimer: The above explained concept and its data attached are subject to change. However, the process will have only positive impact on MCL and its users.