1. How to buy NFTs in the marketplace?

To buy NFTs on the marketplace, you need to first register on and add sufficient funds to your platform wallet. Next, visit to browse and buy NFTs that are on sale or auction.

2. What are the accepted payment methods on marketplace? supports a variety of payment methods like Debit/Credit Card (Mastercard/Visa), UPI, and cryptocurrency transfers.

3. Can I return or get a refund for my NFT purchase?

NO, once a marketplace transaction has been completed, it cannot be reversed or refunded. Instead, you can sell the item again on the marketplace.

4. Can I use my credentials to play the game?

YES, you have to use your credentials to play the game as the NFTs in your inventory will be used when playing the game.

5. When will the rental feature arrive in Meta Cricket League?

The rental feature is currently under development and will be arriving soon. Please follow us on our socials for the latest updates.

7. Will I be able to list my NFT for sale or auction in between a match?

NO, you will not be able to list any MCL NFTs for sale or auction when playing the game

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