Our Voice | Jump.trade

We are in the third and most exciting digital revolution — First came the internet (web 1.0), then came mobile + Social (web 2.0), and now emerged Crypto + NFT + Blockchain (Web 3.0), and we as a team are leading the way in India with you.
Jump.trade is on a mission to create an NFT gaming revolution in India and impact the world with the aim we hold. We have been at the forefront of leading Web3 innovation where the world is flat and race is intense. We are laser-focused on developing best-in-class games, scalable trading, and sustainable economics for the new community, comprising gamers, NFT enthusiasts, aspirants who want to do big in the space.
The team has witnessed a massive growth from 4 strong members to an organic family of 400+ crypto geeks, consisting of designers, gamers, and science-heads, with an intense focus on crypto, NFT, and blockchain for the evolution of shift in NFT gaming adoption in this country.
We took a clairvoyant look at NFTs in their early days, which is 3 years back, and realized NFTs as an integral element of the gaming future and not limited to collectibles and art. We also recognized that to create the adoption and momentum; we need to just soup to nuts the systems and develop the most integrated game-centric platform with a complete open order book for artists, brands and celebrities/athlete adoption.
Currently, when you look at the market dynamics and the hyper curves of its popularity, you can infer that NFTs are attracting attention like never before! However, we also understand that NFTs are still quite nascent when it comes to their mass applicability and gaming adoption. Their true potential holds a plethora of opportunities as it unfolds with its developments and awareness journey.
While we also believe, as it stands today, Web3 Gaming is one of the early markets that has discovered widespread adoption for NFTs - fueled by factors like Internet penetration, smartphone adoption, and the growing curiosity for exploring In-game rewards and P2E economics in the Asiatic region specifically.
NFTs have begun to seed an early spin of revolution in the field of Web3 gaming by redefining economic intensity and engagement, embracing the democratic nature of the gamer, collector, and guilds-oriented ideologies.
Jump.trade proves to be a pioneer in invoking this revolution in India.