While cricket has a lot of fans who understand the nuances of the game, the same cannot be said about NFTs and P2E gaming. As a measure to invite the uninitiated and incentivize the undaunted, MCL will introduce the rental program. The rental system is designed to break the entry barriers that might deter users from getting into NFTs, Web3 and P2E gaming, leave alone MCL.
The rental functionality provides an exclusive privilege reserved for NFT holders, affording them the ability to generate income through enlisting their NFTs on the marketplace.
NFT holders are granted the freedom to list numerous NFTs for rental in accordance with their preferences. Moreover, Jump.Trade coordinates tournaments specifically tailored to individual NFTs, thereby providing the rental option with significant potential for holders to generate revenue with minimal efforts.
It is important to note that NFTs listed for rental cannot be used within the game by the NFT holder. These NFTs may only be used only when the particular NFT has been revoked from the rental.
Also, the rental feature presents a substantial opportunity for non-NFT users as well. Users can obtain NFTs listed under the rental mode, which can then be used in the game. The rewards gained from the tournaments are distributed between the user and the NFT holder.
Disclaimer: The above-explained concept is subject to change. However, the process will have only a positive impact on MCL and its users.