🧒MCL Players

  1. MCL Player Role: This icon represents whether the player is a Batsman or Bowler, and indicates their dominant hand.

  2. MCL Player Category: This refers to the rarity (Rookie, Rare, Epic, and Legend)

  3. MCL Player Level: All players max out at level 15; increasing levels ensures better elements and stats

  4. MCL Player Visual Properties: This refers to the player's visual representation

  5. MCL Player Name & Edition Number: The player's name and NFT edition number

  6. MCL Player Stats: This reflects the player's ability to deliver different bowling styles or bat against different bowling styles.

In-game Player Logic

To play a match, users need to use 1 Batsman NFT and at least 1 Bowler NFT or a maximum combination of 1 Batsman NFT and 3 Bowler NFTs. If user selects 3 bowler NFTs, each bowler will be allowed to bowl 1 over. If user selects 2 bowler NFTs, one bowler can bowl one over and one bowler can bowl 2 overs. User can select the bowler at the beginning of the over.

All Batsmen NFTs and Bowler NFTs have 5 Game Stats (Swing, Fast, Medium, Slow, and Spin).

For Bowler NFTs, the Game Stats represent their bowling style and ability and for Batsmen NFTs, the Game Stats represent the batsman's ability to play against different bowling styles.

The performance of NFTs will vary based on the game stats they possess. Additionally, in latter phases, we may introduce other factors which affect the performance of the NFTs.

Disclaimer: The above explained concept and its data attached are subject to change. However, the process will have only positive impact on MCL and its users.

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