Jump Trade Points

1. What is a Jump Trade Point?

Jump Trade Point is a virtual reward points used inside the Jump.trade ecosystem. For more information, click here.

2. Is Jump Trade Point a cryptocurrency?

NO, Jump Trade Point is not a cryptocurrency or digital asset.

3. Are Leaderboard Points the same as Jump Trade Points?

NO, Leaderboard Points are not the same as Jump Trade Points. You get leaderboard points from playing PvP matches and use them to climb and improve your leaderboard ranking.

If, by the end of the leaderboard cycle, you are among the top x% of players, you will get Jump Trade Points in proportion to your rank. You can then use your Jump Trade Points to level up NFT, buy NFT, or even convert to USD and withdraw.

3. What can I do with my JT Points balance?

You can use your JT Points for multiple things, such as Leveling Up MCL Player NFTs, Buying NFTs on the Jump.trade marketplace, and much more. Click here for the complete details.

4. How can I earn Jump Trade Points?

During the initial beta phase, Jump Trade Points can be earned by featuring among the top x% of players on the leaderboard.

5. Where do I check my Jump Trade Points balance?

You can check the Jump Trade Points balance in the app and on the Jump.trade marketplace.

6. Can I get Jump Trade Points from kitboxes?

NO, you cannot receive Jump Trade Points from kitboxes.

7. Can I purchase Jump Trade Points?

NO, the game has no option to purchase Jump Trade Points. It can only be earned through gameplay.

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