⬆️Level Up System

The level-up system is an integral part of an MCL player's development. By upgrading the NFTs to the next level, users will be able to get the benefit of improved stats and better performance against lower-leveled opponents.

Presently, all MCL Player NFTs begin from category-specific levels and go up to Level 15, as listed in the table below:

To level up MCL Player NFTs, users need to complete three criteria:

  1. Collect Upgrades

  2. Pay Upgrade Fee (JT Points or USD)

  3. Cooldown Time (Coming Soon)

1. Collect Upgrades

After winning a match, the user will get a Kitbox. In this Kitbox, the user will get random MCL Player upgrades. Users have to continue collecting more Kitboxes to get upgrades for MCL Player NFTs they own and wish to upgrade. You will need to collect x number of upgrades to level up your NFT.

For Example, Alice purchases the MCL Players β€” Meta Star and Meta Impulse to play matches in Meta Cricket League. As soon as she wins a match, she will receive a kitbox.

The kitbox may contain owned-NFT upgrades relevant to Meta Star and Meta Impulse (both NFTs that Alice owns) or unowned-NFT upgrades for other MCL Player NFTs (that Alice does not own).

To use the unowned-NFT upgrades of other MCL Players, Alice can purchase that NFT from the marketplace and utilize the upgrades. Otherwise, she can keep the upgrades in her inventory.

2. Pay Upgrade Fee

Once the user has collected sufficient number of owned-NFT upgrades of an MCL Player, they can initiate the level-up process by paying JT Points or equivalent USD. Users can gain JT Points by getting placed in the top x% of the leaderboard. Users can also use USD from their GuardianLink wallet balance.

3. Cooldown Time (Coming soon)

Once the upgradation process is initiated, the user needs to wait for a period of time in order to complete the MCL Player level up.

The level up details for the different MCL Player categories is listed below:

Rookie MCL Player Level Up Details*

Rare MCL Player Level Up Details*

Epic MCL Player Level Up Details*

Legend MCL Player Level Up Details*

Disclaimer: The above data attached are subject to change. However, the process will have only positive impact on MCL and its users.

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