1. Can I play the game without holding NFTs?

NO, you cannot play Meta Cricket League without holding MCL Player NFTs. You require at least 1 Batsman NFT and 1 Bowler NFT to begin playing.

2. How many NFTs did mint for Meta Cricket League?

A total of 55,640 NFTs were minted for Meta Cricket League. To learn more, click here.

3. How many types of NFTs are present in the game?

In Meta Cricket League, there are two main categories of NFTs β€” 1) MCL Players and 2) MCL Signed Bats. Under MCL Players, there are sub-categories like Rookie, Rare, Epic, and Legend. For more details, click here. Under MCL Signed Bats, there are sub-categories like Single and Dual.

4. Can I play the game without Bat NFTs?

YES, playing with MCL Signed Bat NFTs is optional. However, using these NFTs can help improve your gameplay as they arrive with multiple benefits. To learn more about the benefits, click here.

5. Can I play the game with an MCL Player NFT of any level?

YES, you can play the game with MCL Players of any level or category.

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