Human nature works on incentivization. Right from schooling to graduation to work-life, everyone is driven by what would be the rewards of their efforts.

Keeping this major human trait in mind, at MCL, we have given the highest priority to rewards. Every minute that you spend in MCL will be filled with fun and rewards for your efforts. Rewards include JT points, Leaderboard points, Kitbox, Element upgrade points and Express upgrades. You will get rewards in the below events:

1. While playing, if the user hits the rewards board, you get Express Upgrades (coming soon).

2. Every run you score, the user gets Leaderboard Points.

3. Every 4 and 6 the user hits, they get Leaderboard Points.

4. Every wicket the user takes, they get Leaderboard Points.

5. Every time a user wins a match, they get a Kitbox and Bonus Leaderboard Points.

6. Every match the user plays, they get Account Level XP.

User Account Level is a parameter that recognizes the time and effort spent by the user on playing the game. The user collects Account Level XP (Experience Points) from every match they play, regardless of a win or loss.

7. Every level the user upgrades, their MCL Player stats improves.

8. User will earn JT points if they are among the top x% of players on the leaderboard.

The value of x will be dynamic and depend on the tournament, number of players in the tournament, rewards allocated to that tournament and other factors.

Disclaimer: The above-explained concept is subject to change. However, the process will have only a positive impact on MCL and its users.

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