🏏Hit-to-Earn (Initial Beta Release)


  • To begin playing the game, users need to use a combination of 1 Batsman NFT and at least 1 Bowler NFT or a maximum combination of 1 Batsman NFT and 3 Bowler NFTs. If user selects 3 bowler NFTs, each bowler will be allowed to bowl 1 over. If user selects 2 bowler NFTs, one bowler can bowl one over and one bowler can bowl 2 overs. User can select the bowler at the beginning of the over.

  • In case the user does not have any NFTs, then they will have to purchase from the Jump.Trade marketplace.

  • You have to sign up on www.jump.trade and use the same log in to register on MCL so that all your NFTs from Jump.trade can be used in the game.

Assemble Team

  • To assemble a team, the user can use 1 Batsman and at least 1 Bowler or a maximum of 1 Batsman and 3 Bowlers.

  • User can also select a Bat NFT, if they hold one. If they do not have one, then a default non-NFT bat will be provided. To learn more about MCL Signed Bats, click here.

  • The user needs to keep an eye out for the MCL Player category and level as this impacts the Team Strength.

  • The user can switch team members with other MCL Players in their inventory before or after matches.


In the initial beta release, users can play only for a specific time. In the future release, the time limit restrictions will be extended.

Player-versus-Player (PvP) Matchmaking

  • Once the user finalizes their team, they can proceed with matchmaking.

  • For matchmaking, Meta Cricket League aims to provide a fair experience for all by matching users with opponents that possess similar skill levels and team composition. To achieve this, 1) Team Strength 2) MMR (Match Making Rating) and 3) User Account Level are taken into consideration.

MMR (Matchmaking Rating) is a metric that tracks the skill level of the user in a particular tournament and is used for matching against opponents with similar skills. In MCL, each player begins with 1500 MMR, which resets for every tournament. On every win, the user gets +20 MMR and on every loss, the user gets -19 MMR.

Team Strength is a parameter that tracks the MCL Player's level and category. Every MCL Player falls under any one category (Rookie, Rare, Epic and Legend) and can reach a maximum of level 15.

User Account Level is a parameter that recognizes the time and effort spent by the user on playing the game. The user collects Account Level XP (Experience Points) from every match they play, regardless of a win or loss.

Note: In the beta phase, users can play any number of matches during the time limit; however in later phases, this is subject to change.


  • The duration of each match is 3 overs or 18 balls.

  • In the beta phase, the user can control the batsman’s actions, such as moving the batsman, shot timing and direction, analyzing pitch and ball indicators, and the ability to play different shots.

  • Meanwhile, the bowler’s actions are simulated by the system based on the bowler's NFT stats.

Note: The user still needs to use skill when drafting bowlers in their team, and during the match, the user has strategically pick bowlers against the opponent's batsman.

Note: If the user has one bowler on their team, then that bowler will bowl all 3 overs. If the user has more than one bowler on their team, then they can pick a new bowler for each over (however, in this case, a bowler cannot bowl repeat overs, only alternate overs).

  • The user can score 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 runs and take wickets in the game.

  • To win the match, the user has to score more runs than their opponent.


  • Any user who disconnects at any point during the match and does not rejoin within 5 seconds, they will lose the match. Also, runs scored by the disconnected user in the match will not be counted towards the leaderboard.

  • The connected user will be declared the winner, and the final score they receive will either be:

    • Scenario 1: the user's average runs scored in previous matches.


    • Scenario 2: the user's runs scored in the disconnected match, whichever is higher.

For example, in a match between Alice and Bob, Alice leads by 20 runs. Unfortunately, she disconnects in between and loses the match, and Bob is declared the winner.

As Bob's average runs scored is higher than the runs scored in this disconnected match, the average runs are considered for leaderboard points calculation.

Additionally, as Bob scored two 4s and three 6s in the disconnected match, they too will be counted on the leaderboard.

Post Match

  • On winning, the user gets 1) Leaderboard Points, 2) Kitbox, 3) +20 MMR, and 4) Account Level XP.

  • On losing, the user gets 1) Leaderboard Points, 2) -19 MMR, and 3) Account Level XP.

Note: Leaderboard Points are NOT the same as Jump Trade Points. You get leaderboard points from playing PvP matches and use them to climb and improve your leaderboard ranking.

If, by the end of the leaderboard cycle, you are among the top x% of players, you will get Jump Trade Points in proportion to your rank. You can then use your Jump Trade Points to level up NFT, buy NFT, or even convert to USD and withdraw.


  • Users can enter and climb the leaderboard by playing PvP matches.

  • Every run scored will be counted towards the leaderboard progression, regardless of the user winning or losing the match.

  • At the end of the Leaderboard tournament, the user will receive Jump Trade Points if they get ranked among the top X% of participants. The value of X will be dynamic and depend on the tournament, number of players in the tournament, rewards allocated to that tournament and other factors.

  • To learn more about leaderboards, click here.

NFT Level Up

  • On winning matches, the user will receive Kitbox from which they can get NFT upgrades for MCL Players. These upgrades can be of the NFT that they hold or do not hold.

  • Users need to collect and use the upgrades of a specific MCL Player in order to level it up.

  • Leveling up NFTs will upgrade the MCL Player’s stats.

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