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Elements (Coming Soon)

Cricket is a game of great uncertainties!” - Neville Cardus
In cricket, while skill plays an undeniable role, there are also certain inexplicable factors that can shift the tide of the game for or against you!
This holds true even for a small crack on the pitch that might make a difference between a wicket or a six!
Meta Cricket League attempts to capture this magic of real cricket and translate it into the game.
To make this possible, we have introduced certain factors called ELEMENTS that will influence the playing capabilities of batsmen and bowler NFTs.
All NFTs, depending on their category, will begin with base values set for the three elements. Upon leveling up, users will receive element points, which they can assign to any element of any NFT that they own to increase its element value.
They can choose to distribute it across all the three elements or put all the points in one elements. The number of element points received will vary according to the NFT category.
Card Rank
Element Upgrade Points*
Note: Element points once allotted, cannot be changed.
Note: Element points do not decrease in value or get impacted by the user's performance.
Disclaimer: The above explained concept and its data attached are subject to change. However, the process will have only positive impact on MCL and its users.