❀️Health (Coming Soon)

The game of cricket is all about Health. The agility, reflexes, and longevity of the player depending on their general health. We’ve seen cricketers following a strict schedule and set practices to maintain good health and fitness.

The Health element brings this factor to the gameplay, making sure that players with good health are rewarded amply and aptly in the MCL.

Player Category*Base Health Value*









How to increase Health Element?

A users holds 1 Rookie NFT with 8 as the base health value. When this user levels up, he gets 3 element points. The user decides to allocate 2 of these 3 element points to Health element. Then the new health value after the level-up points will be 8+ 2= 10.

Benefits of Health are correlated to the Stamina Factor, which is elaborated on in the next section.

Disclaimer: The above explained concept and its data attached are subject to change. However, the process will have only positive impact on MCL and its users.

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