Game Overview

Meta Cricket League (MCL) is a Hit-to-Earn NFT backed cricket game that reinvents blockchain gamification.
At the heart of the game’s ecosystem are the MCL Player NFTs, MCL Signed Bat NFTs, and MCL Crypto Bat NFTs that users can utilize to:
With these NFTs, users can create teams of batsmen and bowlers to participate in real-time PvP matches.
Users should skillfully create their team, time their shots and score runs to win each match. On winning, users will receive Kitboxes and progression towards the Leaderboard.
Through the kitbox, users will receive upgrades which they can use to level up their NFT stats. This results in enhancements of the NFT’s in-game performance and rarity.
Per the upcoming roadmap, Meta Cricket League will evolve into a full-fledged e-sports title that will test user skills through competitive gameplay and even host online events. The game will also introduce metaverse real-estate in the form of Stadium NFTs that users can collectively own, organize custom tournaments, and earn rewards from global brand placements.
Meta Cricket League is currently available on the Android and Windows platforms.
Meta Cricket League will be coming soon to the iOS platform.

Physical Well-being (Coming Soon)

Meta Cricket League also focuses on the physical well-being of its users. To achieve this, the game will have a functionality that tracks the user’s activities like jogging, jumping, running, and walking! In turn, users will be rewarded with additional in-game energy, which they can use to play more matches and earn more. Holistic human is our intent and our games will reflect and integrate features that initiate, reward and react positively with holistic user participation in being mentally and physically health aware.
Disclaimer: The above-explained concept is subject to change. However, the process will have only a positive impact on MCL and its users.