In the real-world cricket game, every player is unique, special and irreplaceable. The best way we could design our game is by incorporating this uniqueness in MCL using NFTs as the element that encapsulate all of these aspects.
NFTs are the epicenter of MCL. In the game, with diverse range of NFTs for Players and Bats.
The Meta Cricket League (MCL) ecosystem consists of total 69,640 NFTs.
The NFTs are further segmented into multiple categories:
Note: There are a total of 4,000 units of MCL Crypto Bat NFTs that will be dropped in 2 phases. The Phase 1 Drop of MCL Crypto Bat NFTs took place in December 2022. The Phase 2 Drop of MCL Crypto Bat NFTs will take place at a later date.
The MCL NFTs metadata consisting of Visual Properties (like background, jersey, bat-grip, etc.) is stored on the IPFS network.
All NFTs are minted using the ERC-721 token standard on Polygon.


All our NFTs can be traded on the Jump.trade marketplace. Jump.trade is a leading marketplace with one of the highest numbers of registered gamers and game NFT collectors. You can use your Jump Trade log-in credentials to log into MCL. To play MCL, you will first have to visit Jump Trade and buy or rent NFTs.

MCL Players Contract Address Details

MCL Batsman
MCL Bowlers

MCL Signed Bats Contract Address Details

Contract Address
MCL Signed Bats

MCL Crypto Bats Contract Address Details

Name — Drop Phase
Contract Address
MCL Crypto Bats: Phase 1 Drop
MCL Crypto Bats: Phase 2 Drop
Drop to take place at a later date

MCL Signature Shots Contract Address Details

Contract Address
MCL Signature Shots
Coming Soon
Note: NFTs are an unregulated digital asset and subject to market risk. All investments are subjected to price fluctuation risk. GuardianLink and Jump.trade do not guarantee any assured returns or profit. Terms and conditions of the marketplace apply.