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Web3 Solution | Ownership of Asset

In MCL, you have complete ownership of all the assets that you purchase in the form of an NFT. You can either use the NFT to play MCL, or you can invest in these assets and trade them.

NFT Utility and Skill-Based Game

All MCL NFTs have a visual rarity, in-game stats and elements. These elements and in-game stats can be upgraded as you progress within the game. Along with an elegant visual, all our NFTs have a wide range of utilities associated with them. Scoring, winning and progressing in the game will be influenced by the NFT that you hold and layered with your skill of playing the game.

Economic Sustainability

Our research team has reviewed hundreds of successful play-to-earn games before designing the economic sustainability of MCL. As you progress in the game, you will be awarded Jump Trade (JT) points. Your earning potential of JT points will be directly associated with your NFT stats, player combination, skill, and time you spend in MCL. These JT points can then be used for in-game purchases, marketplace purchases, NFT upgrades, special tournament entries, decreased wait time and a wide array of other use cases (deflation). You have to strategically plan your JT points earning and spending to eventually optimize time you spend in MCL metaverse.

Bridging Web2 and Web3

We have built a world-class immersive gaming experience. We battle-tested the game with a wide range of data samples and the feedback was: MCL is an sticky, immersive and highly engaging game for fans. As against other Web3 games, we have ensured that there is a "hook" in our game which would lead to users spending long gaming hours in our metaverse and having a lot of fun and mental provocation. The best part is - you get paid while having fun, and you become better at it as you play and earn even more. We, as a team, have tried to bridge the gap between both the worlds - Web2 and Web3 - as best as possible. Now you can become part of it by engaging with it, helping improving and innovating in it — and all this while having fun while you Play-to-earn.